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The Highest-Quality In Window Cleaning:

Friendows Window Cleaning offers the highest-quality residential window cleaning service in Madison and the surrounding area. Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Highly Trained Techs.

    No questions asked. We will leave your home looking like it did when we arrived, with the exception of spotlessly clean windows.

  • Affordable For You.

    Our quotes are within 10% of the price of any major competitors, and are often times priced lower.

Customer Experience Is Our Secret.

I know, it’s window cleaning… however to us it’s more than that – even more than business – it’s a relationship. What separates us from the rest of the herd is our awareness of this fact. Your desire for simplicity and professionalism is what drives our sense of urgency to make sure your entire friendows experience is spectacular!

Plus Additional Services.

Friendows loves windows, but we also offer more than just window cleaning:

  • Softwash House Washing
  • Softwash Roof Cleaning
  • Concrete Cleaning & Sealing
  • Deck, Patio & Fence Resotoration
  • Gutter Cleaning
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Window Cleaning Process

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    Eco-Friendly Wash

    Soap & water applied by hand with a specialized brush we call a strip-washer.

  • Connector.

    Deep Cleaned

    Paint, silicone, plaster, stickers, eggs, spider web tack marks, fly & bird droppings. All of it, gone!

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    Lint-Free Towels

    Are used to dry edges, frames, & sills without leaving any fuzzies behind.

  • Connector.

    Screens Cleaned

    Brushed, washed with soapy water and then dried with a towel.

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    Window Report

    After cleaned, the condition of your windows are assessed & discussed with you. Advice is given on next steps and a full receipt is given to you.

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We Serve Madison

But we also service: Fitchburg, Middleton, Verona, Sun Prairie and More!

Friendows Charity Program

Our mission is to give back to the Madison area in as many ways we can. That is why we offer our services at discount to charitable and non-profit organizations.

If you’d like to help us keep our community clean, contact us to donate to our Friendows Charity Program.

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Friendows Charity Program is still accepting applications.

Friendows Charity Program

Donate to help charitable and non-profit organizations keep their buildings clean.


Who We Serve

Friendows offers specialized services for almost everyone:

  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Apartment Complex’s
  • And More

Inside Your Home

When we enter your home, we treat is as if it’s our own:

  • Shoe covers are placed over our shoes.
  • Phones are silenced and inside voices are used.
  • Objects blocking access to windows are carefully moved, then returned.
  • Clean towels are used to protect furniture, bedding & carpet from drips.
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